Flood alerts as ‘apocalyptic Old Testament’ lightning storm batters Britain

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    Floods of biblical proportions are about to batter the UK – with some already facing huge lightning storms.

    Today (October 23) has seen most of the UK facing torrential rain and thunderstorms, in stark contrast to the 42c record temperatures hit earlier this year.

    And London was even issued with a yellow thunderstorm with no fewer than 30 flood warnings issued by the Environment Agency across the midlands.

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    But despite the warnings only covering the south of the country, the rest of it has been hit with the horrendous weather.

    As per, social media users have been reacting in typical style to the weather.

    Journalist James Fitzgerald tweeted: “It's rather fitting that amid a political and economic s**tshow an apocalyptic storm descends on London – it looks angry.”

    And fellow hack Tom Seymour posted: “Just what we need and deserve – an Old Testament storm in London.”
    The storms featured huge bouts of lighting and thunder.

    Tech expert Kate Bevan was not a fan.

    She tweeted: “faaarking hell, that was a big ol' flash of lightning followed by a very noisy thunderclap.”

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    According to the Met Office, the official weather report for the next 24 hours across most of the country sees heavy rain and thunderstorms affecting southern and eastern parts of England gradually clearing, leaving many areas with a mixture of clear spells and scattered sharp showers, concentrated in the west and near southern coasts.

    Some inland central areas will also be turning foggy – which is just what you want as you're heading into the creepiest time of the year, as well as being forced into watching bonfire night displays.

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    Towards the end of this week and into next, showers or longer spells of rain are expected to push north through the day on Friday, with the wettest weather affecting western areas, and a chance of some heavier bursts or isolated thunderstorms.

    Bonfire Night is actually going to be wet, cloudy and miserable – so maybe don't splash out on fireworks this time around.

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