Bloke dumped after girlfriend saw ‘winged-horse’ fly over him during sexy drive

A man says his girlfriend dumped him after she saw a horse fly over him at the side of a road during a "fun and sexy drive".

Paranormal and cryptid researcher Deborah Singleton received an email earlier this month from a man called David who wanted to share the impact a ghostly encounter has had on his life.

David shared a chilling tale that he has been trying to wrap his head around ever since the woman he was with, became too freaked out by her sighting that she ended their relationship straight away.

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Deborah read out the email on her YouTube channel and in it, David from Scotland explained how he was secretly going out with his manager at work called Mary.

To avoid being spotted by colleagues in Perth pubs and restaurants, David said they would often spend time together by aimlessly driving into the countryside.

David said Mary claimed to have seen a flying horse 20 years ago, on the same pitch black night that he drove around a corner too quickly and steered with all his might to avoid a crash.

Just moments after, he accidentally ran over a rabbit near the village of Methven and decided to check if it was worthy of taking home for his dog's dinner.

David told Deborah: "I open the car door, the engine is still running and my high beams are on. I jump out the car leaving my door open, I walk the few yards to the rabbit.

"I pick it up facing the car so the high beams could show me the state of the rabbit, after all I wasn't going to take it if the guts were hanging out.

"But I could see the body was intact if a little crushed. I then walked back to the car and throw the dead rabbit behind the driver's seat and I jump in and close the door, in total I don't think I was more than 30 seconds out the door."

Yet in that half-a-minute space of time, Mary had witnessed something so bewildering that she could barely speak.

David continued: "I could see she was pure white and trembling violently, 'what's wrong Mary?' She says nothing, just averts her gaze downwards, I say again 'Mary what's wrong? What's the matter?'

"Now clearly something had happened, the fun sexy atmosphere between us was gone, 'Mary please what is it babe? I can see something's happened what is it?'

"She looked at me and she said 'you wont believe if I tell you. I saw a horse going over your head."

David says his honest stunned reaction to Mary's confession did not go down well. When he checked that he heard her correctly, Mary went "ballistic" thinking he didn't believe her, he says.

He added: "We just headed home and it was one of the worst drives I've ever made. Whereas before the atmosphere was fun and light now it was dark and heavy.

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She got out at home, slammed the door shut and was moved at work so he never saw her again, let alone spoke about that night.

David searched online for 20 years until he saw a cryptid with a horse's neck and head, bat-like wings and devil's tail. "There is no doubt in my mind that this is what Mary saw," He told Deborah.

"Obviously a horse didn't go over the top of me but something that looked like a horse did".

Concluding the report, Deborah revealed that she had since told David that what Mary saw was most likely a creepy-looking horse beast known as a longma.


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