Whopping 28 stone ‘biggest bear ever’ found napping under someone’s patio

The biggest bear ever found has been living under someone's home – and it weighs a whopping 400lb (28st 5lb).

The mammoth bear was spotted making a home for itself under the decking of a resident in Colorado, US.

It was doing so in order to keep warm ahead of the traditionally cold winter in the area – but it has now been relocated to its natural habitat.

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However, it is more than likely going to return is it is one of around 4,000 bears to have been moved so far this year.

It took five wildlife officers and a tranquillizer dart to move the bear, which was then given a tranquillizer reversal pill after a full health check.

John Livingston, a spokesperson for Colorado's Department of Natural Resources said: “This bear may not have specifically chosen this deck to den underneath for the winter, but it may have been considering it.

“All of our wildlife officers who reported to the scene described it as the biggest bear they had ever seen in the town.

“This deck provided good cover from weather elements because of the direction it was facing on the back of the house. There were also apple trees nearby that would continue to provide a food source for a little while.

“So far this year, we have had 4,009 reports to Colorado Parks and Wildlife regarding bear activity.

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"You don't want a bear to become comfortable around your home, so make it feel uncomfortable being there."

The spokesman also said that the bear was relocated so that it wouldn't “get any ideas” about returning to the residential neighbourhood, although it is not yet know exactly how far away from the area is was moved to.

He went on to advise that if locals see bears, try banging on pans, “yelling and setting off car alarms” in order to make the bears move on without having to call emergency services.

However, that could also make them super angry – and potentially attack you.

Your choice.

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