Ultra-isolated killer tribe living on desert island face destruction by Facebook

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    A remote island that has been completely cut off from the outside world for nearly seventy years has become the target of a Facebook group that wants to kill everyone who lives there.

    North Sentinel Island, off the south-eastern coast of Thailand, is home to a “stone age” tribe that refuses any contact with outsiders and has violently attacked anyone who tries to land there.

    Now a Facebook group that called itself 'Destroy North Sentinel Island' set out detailed plans for how to wipe them out.

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    The inhabitants of the island, thought to number fewer than 200, have refused to allow any ships to land, driving them off with showers of arrows.

    The Sentinelese are believed to be the last remaining pre-Neolithic tribe in the world.

    A strict six-mile exclusion zone around the island is enforced by the Indian navy, and no-one from the outside world is allowed to land there.

    In the rare cases where people have been known to break the embargo, they have killed by the islanders.

    Two crab fishermen, Sunder Raj, 48, and Pandit Tiwari, 52, were attacked and killed in 2006 by the indigenous tribespeople.

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    Fellow fishermen said the two had probably been asleep when their boat slipped its anchor and drifted onto the island’s shore.

    "As day broke, fellow fishermen say they tried to shout at the men and warn them they were in danger," said Samir Acharya, the head of a local environmental organisation.

    "However they did not respond – they were probably drunk – and the boat drifted into the shallows where they were attacked and killed."

    Rumours that the pair had been roasted and eaten seem now to have been an exaggeration but a week after their deaths, the bodies of the two fishermen were seen hooked on bamboo stakes facing out to sea.

    “It was a kind of scarecrow,” regional police chief Dependra Pathak said.

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    In 2018, Christian missionary John Allen Chau travelled illegally to the island, and was also killed by the Sentinelese.

    The first arrow fired at him hit a Bible in his pocket, reports say, but when he approached closer he was savagely killed.

    Alhough Mr Chau’s death is officially a murder case, local police say it may be impossible to retrieve the American’s body and that no charges will be made against the protected tribe.

    PC Joshi, an anthropology professor at Delhi University has made a study of Sentinelese people live, and described John’s religious mission as "a foolish adventure.”

    “He invited that aggression,” he said.

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    So in April 2021, the Facebook group’s members decided it was time for revenge.

    They discussed which vaccinations they might need before landing on the remote island, and shared posts such as “My beginning plan of action is to land on the island from airdrop and immediately use flamethrowers to burn down the surrounding plant life.”

    Discussing the fact that the group was being infiltrated by outsiders who “didn’t belong” and had only joined to criticise its aims, New Jersey student Ulysses Rodriguez wrote: “As for the continuation of our plans; we need money. This is an obvious fact.

    "There’s no way we can set up base in Port Blair on the Andaman Island if we don’t have the money to get all of our good members there. Whether is be by air or sea, we need as many people as we can get"

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    Certainly some members had joined to get information about the bizarre project. One complained that he had reported the violent threats against the Sentinelese to Facebook admins without success.

    “Apparently, Facebook doesn't think that advocating for genocide against uncontacted, indigenous people counts as hateful or violent speech,” they wrote.

    The Facebook group, after a wave of criticism, has now rebranded itself as a “Love Sentinel Island’ page and the administrators now insist that they were only joking about wiping out the Sentinelese.

    Unfortunately, the Sentinelese remain perfectly serious about wiping out anyone who approaches their remote, mysterious island home.


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