Woman in awe after finding Father Ted-like image of Jesus Christ in clementine

A mum was stunned to find an image of Jesus Christ being crucified in her clementine, although some may recall a certain episode of Father Ted after seeing the fruit.

Jamie Thomas, 45, was on the verge of emigrating from Belfast to Catterick, North Yorkshire, and says the bizarre discovery reassured her she was "on the right path".

Jamie was gearing up to move, get married and start a job all in the same week.

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The mum-of-five had been in a long-term relationship with husband Daniel Thomas, 48, for around four years.

Jamie "bit the bullet" and decided to move to be with him in 2018. She was also offered some Godly reassurance during the "crazy" time

While peeling a clementine prior to the move, she said she noticed the figure of a "little man" in the pith. On closer inspection it appeared to be hanging from a cross.

Jamie said: "I was working in a school in Northern Ireland and was really stressed out because within a week I was moving country, getting married and starting a new job.

"Doubts were going through my head.

"I opened the clementine and thought it looked like a little man first of all, and then I thought it looked like a man hanging from a cross. It looked like Jesus on the cross.

"The two of us [a colleague] just laughed about it because we were like 'that's definitely a sign that I was doing the right thing'."

Jamie was quick to grab a snap of the freshly-peeled fruit and send it to pals on Snapchat.

She continued: "I was brought up in Northern Ireland and am in the Church of Ireland and I was religious growing up.

"To be honest the older I got, I was starting to get a bit more religious again. I don't go to church or anything but I believe in God.

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"I've known my husband since I was 14. We met in Germany and have been best friends for 25 years and have never been romantic and we ended up getting together.

"He was living in North Yorkshire and I was living in Northern Ireland, we travelled to one another for three or four years.

"We bit the bullet and decided I'd move over here.

"I was doubting everything at that time – whether I was making the right choices and stuff.

"The discovery was quite sweet just in that whole craziness."

The episode bears striking similarities to the sitcom Father Ted, in which the priests plot to kick their bishop "up the arse" by luring him to the parish to look at a miracle mark that bears his likeness.

As with how some may view Jamie's clementine, the vision looked nothing like the Bishop.


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