Vengeful McDonald’s fans are selling original plastic straws on eBay for £25k

McDonald's fans, angry over the fast food chain ditching plastic straws for paper alternatives, are flogging the originals on eBay for thousands of pounds.

The firm made the eco-friendly decision to swap plastic for paper in the UK back in 2019, after revealing they get through roughly 1.8million of them each day.

Nearly half a million people signed a petition calling for the move, citing concerns around plastic straws ending up in the ocean and harming marine life.

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Despite this, the swap was slammed by McDonald's lovers and the restaurant chain was forced to launch an "evolved" version of the paper straw as the ones they used initially became soggy too quickly.

It said: "Following feedback from customers, and as the packaging industry has evolved, the paper straws being rolled out are now stronger while remaining made of fully recyclable materials."

However, the new straws were still not good enough in the eyes of many people, and now vengeful McDonald's fans are trying to profit from that sentiment.

Several listings have popped up on eBay, with people looking to sell on the straws they've saved from years ago.

One listing is offering two plastic straws – still in the original paper packaging – for an eye-watering £25,000.

They're even demanding that the crazy buyer pays £3.20 for the postage.

Other listings have straws at £4,500 and £1,000.

Luckily for anyone wanting to reminisce about the good old days, there are also several much more affordable listings for under a tenner.

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The description on one, offering straws for £5.99, reads: "McDonald's Vintage Plastic Straws 2009 x10 New in paper wrapping."


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