Brit will ‘never get mugged again’ after implanting debit card chip in wrist

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    A British man has taken drastic steps to ensure he never loses his wallet or gets mugged again—by getting it implanted in his wrist.

    The man, who goes by the TikTok alias @paybyhand, paid around £200 to have a contactless chip implanted in his wrist so he can pay for his groceries without a card.

    He has shared numerous videos documenting his journey with 'the chip', from undergoing the surgical procedure to paying for his petrol.

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    The TikToker got his implant fitted by Walletmor, a UK-based startup which offers a digital wallet implants for around £200 (€249).

    Some TikTok users highlighted that the implant doesn't necessarily make his money safer. "Just hand this guy a card machine with a £1000 charge", wrote one commenter.

    Another added: "All fun and fantastic til the card expires".

    However, PayByHand explained that the card expires in 7 years after which point it will need to be replaced.

    The procedure of 'getting chipped' doesn't require anaesthetic and takes around 15 minutes. Surgeons create a small gap in the skin and then slide the implant in. The wound is then stitched up and left to heal.

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    Users must install an app on their phone called iCard, where they can deposit money in different currencies from a standard bank account. This app works just like Apple Pay, but instead of paying with your smartphone, the chip in your hand is paired with the app.

    The chip itself uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which is what smartphones also use for contactless payments. It means that the chip doesn't use an energy source or emit any radio waves.

    Instead, it creates a magnetic field around the chip which stores a small amount of payment data for card readers to interact with.


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