Facebook users urged to activate these three security settings immediately

You can never be too safe with your security settings online, so if you haven’t updated your Facebook security in a while, now’s a good time.

To make sure your accounts are as safe as possible, the platform has introduced the ‘Security Checkup’ feature. Using this you can review and add more security to your account.

Security Checkup will help you:

  • Get alerts when someone tries logging into your account from an unrecognized computer or mobile device.
  • Learn how to protect your password.
  • Enable two-factor authentication, an optional feature that adds more security to your Facebook account.

This feature is currently available to people logged into Facebook on a computer or the latest version of the Facebook for Android or Facebook for iOS app.

How to use Facebook’s Security Checkup?

  • First, launch your Facebook app and tap the three lines on the top right to go to the Menu
  • Scroll down to Settings & Privacy and select Settings
  • Choose Security and login under Security
  • You should now see the ‘Recommended’ option that says ‘Check you important security settings’. Tap this and you’ll be taken to Facebook’s Security Checkup
  • If your account is fully protected, it should say ‘No issues found’ at the top of the screen

The three main security settings it checks for are:

Your password is OK

The first is a password check to make sure that you have a strong and unique login. If you use your Facebook password elsewhere online then your account may be less secure.

Login alerts are on

If this is turned on, Facebook will tell you if someone logs into your account from a device or browser you don’t normally use.

Two-factor notification is turned on

This makes sure Facebook asks you for a code if it notices an attempted login from an unrecognised device or browser. You should never share these codes with anyone, as it could give a hacker access to your account.

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