Pink ‘Pornhub casting cars’ spark outrage after descending on quiet Brit town

A fleet of "Pornhub Casting Cars" caused outrage when they descended onto a quiet British town that left the livid community fuming at their presence.

Residents of the upmarket Ilkley in Yorkshire were stunned to have spotted the bright pink Pornhub-clad cars last year, with businesses and homes seeing a surge in vehicles.

One furious resident labelled the cars as "disgusting", which could be spotted all through the town and parked in fleet-like manner, baring the Pornhub logo with "casting car" listed underneath.

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Some were concerned about the impact the cars had on children in the area, with one vehicle parked up near a school.

One woman fumed at the cars, saying: "I think it's disgusting. I wrote a Post It note which I was going to place on the windscreen. It said 'please park somewhere else – it's highly inappropriate as there are children walking along the road."

Another raged at the "revolting" vehicles, saying: "I saw one parked on Golden Butts Road and then outside Wetherspoons.

"I thought it was some sort of stag do going on. I also saw one on Little Lane. I think there were three in all. They were revolting – especially the colour. They stood out."

But one of the dodgy vehicles had even appeared at a school, prompting comment from the head teacher of Ashlands Primary School.

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Speaking to Telegraph and Argus at the time, Mr Soutar said: "If this fact is accurate it is completely inappropriate for branding or advertising such as this to be anywhere near a primary school."

Offending cars were said to have been poorly spray-painted when they appeared on the streets of Ilkley last year, Daily Star reported, with cars spotted for a number of days before vanishing.

It would appear, however, that the pink-clad motorcade had nothing to do with Pornhub itself, who spoke to Daily Star and said it had "nothing to do" with the adult content website.

Their statement read: "This has nothing to do with Pornhub. We do not have casting cars. We are investigating who may be behind this."

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