Spookiest place in UK confirmed with most headless horsemen and women in white

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    Yorkshire is the spookiest region of the UK with more sighting of headless horsemen, women in white and phantoms than anywhere else in the UK, a poll found.

    A shocking 787 phantom sightings have left locals freaked out across North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

    Researchers found paranormal activity is three times the national average.

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    By comparison there have just been six spooky sightings in Rutland, making it the most ghost-free area of the country.

    Michael Harrison, 53, of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, said: “Everyone has got a ghost story round here.

    “I’ve seen a headless coach driver several times when it gets foggy.

    “I’m told that he is from the 17th Century and there is a lot of history around here, so I reckon that that’s the reason there are so many sightings.”

    The most common sightings across the country are of phantom horse riders, legendary figures from the past, fairies and snarling hounds and phantom dogs. Headless ghosts, women in white, the devil and even animal ghosts also crop up regularly.

    London has had the second most phantom sightings with 701 sightings, followed by Essex in third place on 507, Sussex fourth on 438, Dorset fifth on 434 and Devon sixth with a total of 418.

    In seventh place came Suffolk on 412 followed by Norfolk on 401 sighting in eighth place, Somerset ninth on 400 and Wiltshire tenth on 379.

    Website PsychicWorld.com analysed Google data from reports of paranormal sightings for 59 counties in the UK and came up with 11,700 sightings across history.

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    A spokesman said: “If you want to see a ghost then move to Yorkshire and you won’t have to wait long, according to our research.

    “Our findings show that you are far more likely to see a headless horseman or a spooky woman in white there than anywhere else in the UK.”


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