Teacher fired for OnlyFans accepted 600 friend requests to launch racy career

A mum-of-two fired from her teaching job for sharing racy snaps on OnlyFans says she launched her page on Facebook.

Sarah Juree, 40, from Indiana, US, had her life turned upside down when a local reporter published an exposé on her side-hustle and flagged it to her employers.

In a devastating blow to her career, the tutor of 20 years was told as a result of her raunchy content that her position working with kids was untenable.

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As Sarah struggled to make ends meet on a full-time teacher's salary, she decided to give OnlyFans a go on the advice of a friend who boasted making £9,000 from the platform that month.

"I felt at 40 better than I had in my whole life about my body so truthfully it was a really empowering thing to finally feel sexy and beautiful at middle age," Sarah revealed.

Unfortunately for Sarah – who is now making more money than she could have ever dreamt of – as word spread of her content she was left her unable to do what she loves, teaching kids.

Sarah has revealed on a podcast with Dimples and The Beard how she found her first ever OnlyFans followers after learning what the platform was all about from a woman on Facebook.

"My hope was that I could sustain myself on OnlyFans and teach because I love it," she said.

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Sarah continued: "I'm business minded so I was like I'm not going to make any money if I don't have any fans, so I start posting about my OnlyFans page on my Facebook."

The US podcast hosts were surprised at how ready the mum was to be open about her new venture among friends and family on social media, something she laughed off.

Sarah explained she even had a queue of potential subscribers waiting in the wings of her friend requests built up over several years.

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She said: "I had like 600 friend requests, I let them all in, I accepted them all and I started sending my link out. By doing that, that was when this guy in the community found out and that was when things went array."

From Facebook alone, Sarah racked up 100 paying subscribers to her exclusive content which she admits was not even particularly explicit.

Sarah explained: "When I started my OnlyFans page, it was a free page, you cannot post nudity on the page, you can only sell it behind a paywall so nothing I was posting on my OnlyFans was nudes."

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What began as a salary top-up is now the primary source of income for the mum from Indiana, US, whose popularity soared from 100 OnlyFans subscribers to 4,000 after global media caught wind of her sacking.

Sarah added: "I was making like 50 dollars a day but for me that was great because anything was helpful. 50 bucks would fill my gas tank up so I didn't have any grandiose ideas about OnlyFans at the time, I just had an idea like any income stream is helpful for me at this point."


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