‘I died and was in after life queue but humanoids sent me back through tunnel’

A man who claims he died drowning says he was sent to a queue for the after life before being returned to his Earthly existence by two "humanoid" beings.

Phil Roiz threw up in the shower after being struck down by a severe case of food poisoning and fell, hitting his head on the wall and landing in the tray.

He drifted out of consciousness and with part of his body covering the drain, the water began to rise and he began to drown in the enclosed tub.

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Despite telling himself to fight the urge to fall asleep, he didn't have the energy and the next thing he knew, he was in some kind of waiting room.

He recalled the 2012 incident in a video on The Other Side NDE YouTube page.

“The next thing I know, I'm in a place, it’s like a room, it’s like the size of a typical bedroom. It had the floor of my bathroom yet there were other people around me in other rooms,” he said.

“I could see there were other people around me, there was a guy to my right that was on the floor, and he was on his hands and knees and moaning. He looked like he had been food poisoned also.

“I could also hear a woman moaning and I could actually tell what she was thinking. She was sad because she had died and she had young children that she did not want to leave.

"I’m not realising I’m not dead yet, but I’m obviously in a queue or some type of place where you go after you die to decompress or get out of your energy form of your Earthly body or something – I don’t know.

“It’s like we had all arrived at the same time and it was just like a big queue.

"I got the impression that we were moving somewhere like toward the spirit world or some place that you go maybe to process your spirit to get another body and come back through the moon to reincarnate or something.”

Phil, who was living in Dallas, Texas, at the time of the incident had been ill for days with food poisoning after eating a contaminated pre-packaged salad from a supermarket.

He had been weak, in pain, vomiting and struggling to sleep.

But when the accident in the shower left him in a sticky situation, he says he was told it wasn't his time to die.

He said: “These two beings came up to my room and they were looking down at me.

"Now these guys, they were male. I don’t remember specifically their faces. I don’t remember if they had long hair and beards or [if they] look like angels or anything but I had the impression they were humanoid, but not exactly like us

“The one on my right said to the one on my left, 'What is he doing here? He doesn’t belong here. Send him back to the shower.'

"And I went up immediately out of my cell or my bubble, and I turned around, and I went back through this tunnel of light. It wasn’t a white light, it was like the multi-coloured lights, so the memory of that scene ends now, I go back to a different time and I wake up.”

Back on Earth, Phil was no longer in any pain. He claims, however, he soon realised he was above a body that was under water with a tiny bit of his head poking out. It was his body, but he didn’t recognise it at first.

He says he eventually went back into his body and tore himself off the drain, rolling out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor.

And the incident changed him forever.

“I don’t worry about death for sure any more," he said.

"I know we continue on and our spirit goes on forever and there are different places we go.

"I’ve lost motivation for my career and for ladder climbing, and for making a lot of money. A lot of things don’t matter to me any more. I don’t have the will to have super nice material goods.

“I’m a different person. I’m much more spiritual, not as religious, not as organised religious, but I’m much more spiritual.

"In this experience I didn’t see the Lord or God, the father, although I know they exist – it just wasn’t my time.”


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