Inside creepy children’s prison with eerie chair and Looney Tunes relic

A creepy and abandoned children's prison featuring a bizarre Looney Tunes relic is now eerie and deserted.

Urban explorer forgotten_treasures_irl took TikTok users on a tour of the deserted facilities, which featured ominous chairs, Looney Tunes relics and abandoned corridors.

Lisnevin Training school was said to have been used between the 1950s and 1980s, before the Northern Irish seaside town's prison was shut down.

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Since then, the large site which boasts 43 acres of land and 27 residential buildings has been explored by urban explorers hoping to take a look inside the eerie property.

Central building Woburn House was built in the 1800s and initially used as a summer mansion for wealthy Belfast mill owner John Gilmore Dunbar.

But it was adapted into a boarding school for child prisoners, with the state run Millisle Borstal between the 1950s and 1980s.

The property housed young offenders, with around 40 young boys aged 10 to 17 said to have been contained inside of the prison-like structure that now features eerie corridors and ragged Looney Tunes characters.

Lisnevin was closed in 2003 but used as a prison officer training facility until it was closed in 2016 due to budget constraints.

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Now, the claustrophobic corridors and rampant vandalism that destroyed the interior is explored by TikTok users hoping to search out a chilling new part of the property.

Deep within the barbed wire walls are abandoned dentistry chairs that look as ominous as the Looney Tunes stickers still stuck to the walls.

While Sylvester the cat may have delighted audiences watching Looney Tunes, his placement on the walls of an abandoned prison are as sinister and uncomfortable as expected.

Uncomfortable also are the barbed wire walls which surround the property.

Thick coils of barb can be spotted across the roof of one building, while inside is no better for those hoping the property comes with any semblance of comfort.

Long corridors have been completely abandoned, with nothing much left behind for urban explorers to find within.

The entire estate was sold in 2016 for a hefty £1.75million, The Sun reported, with the new owner breathing some life into the property after a staff house conversion.

But much of the property, including Woburn House and Lisnevin, remain completely abandoned and untouched aside from those few urban explorers heading inside.

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