iPhone 14 ‘calls the police’ on rollercoaster lovers in Crash Detection glitch

Theme park lovers beware: your iPhone 14 might call the police or ambulance on you while you're riding a rollercoaster.

A glitch in the new smartphone's Crash Detection software is reportedly calling emergency services on users when they're zooming around on a high-speed rollercoaster.

According to the Wall Street Journal, emergency services have received a number of automated calls to popular American theme parks from iPhone owners.

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That's because the iPhone 14 has sophisticated Crash Detection technology designed to call for help if you're ever in a high-speed collision.

However, it appears that rollercoasters and other theme park rides are confusing the system.

Emergency services including police and ambulances have received six crash detection calls from iPhones at the Kings Island theme park in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A woman who was riding the Mystic Timbers rollercoaster told the Wall Street Journal that her iPhone 14 Pro called 911, telling them: "The owner of this iPhone was in a severe car crash and is not responding to their phone" before giving them map coordinates for her location.

Apparently, emergency services showed up to the theme park before realising nothing was wrong.

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Meanwhile, one reporter at Coaster101 has claimed that Dolly Parton's theme park Dollywood has signs on two of its rollercoasters warning them not to take their devices on the ride.

One notice said: "Due to the dynamic movement you will experience on this ride, Apple Watches and similar devices may activate their emergency call action."

The iPhone 14's Crash Detection, which is also available on the Apple Watch, sends users an alert when triggered. They have 10 seconds to dismiss the alert before the device calls the emergency services.

Apple has been approached for comment and this article will be updated with their statement.


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