How to get the best wi-fi connection in your home

Have you been meaning to sort out your ever-buffering wi-fi? Or still waiting on that mythical beast, full-fibre broadband?

No fear, the gadget experts are here with the low-down on the latest home technology and the steps you can make to ensure your set-up is the best it can be.

What are your top tips for getting a reliable wi-fi connection?

Lucy Hedges says:

A good place 
to start to significantly improve your internet connection and get rid of 
wi-fi dead zones would be 
to reposition the router. 
Walls, cupboards and even bookshelves can reduce your signal. The more central and prominent it is, the better.

For larger homes, a mesh network is a great shout. It involves placing hubs around your home that communicate with each other under a single network to provide whole home coverage. A cheaper option for smaller abodes would be a wi-fi extender. This plugs into a wall socket close enough to your router to piggyback off your wireless network and stretch coverage over a larger area.

It may seem like stating the obvious but protecting your network with a password prevents freeloading neighbours from binge-watching Netflix on your bandwidth. And don’t forget to disconnect devices you don’t use that tap into the wi-fi.

Check if your router is up to date: if its firmware hasn’t been updated in a long time, its performance might be seriously compromised.

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