First case of bird flu in human detected as outbreak sparks EU chaos

Bird flu virus discovered in eastern Europe in February

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Health authorities in Spain have sounded the alarm after an employee from a poultry farm was infected by a strain of bird flu late last month. This marks a rare case where the virus, which can decimate poultry stocks, was transmitted to humans. The worker remained asymptomatic until he was tested negative, and had no other known infections, Spain’s health ministry said. Officials noted that as of Monday, 79 outbreaks of avian flu have been detected in wild birds and 36 in poultry farm. The infected person worked at a poultry farm in Guadalajara, Spain, where cases of the disease were first detected among bird on 17 September,


After being detected to carry the virus, the employee was placed in isolation at his home, where he stayed until he tested negative on 28 September. 

According to a statement from Spain’s Health Ministry, the man’s close contacts had tested negative, which they said highlighted the fact that “transmission from birds to humans is considered a rare phenomenon and human-to-human transmission is extremely infrequent.”

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