‘Bigfoot’ spotted braving Hurricane Ian in background of live weather report

Bigfoot believers reckon they've spotted the elusive beast in the background of a live local news report on Hurricane Ian.

A video from a NBC weather report in Florida was shared on the r/Bigfoot Reddit page, in which a figure can be seen crossing the road behind a reporter.

"Bigfoot on the local news coverage of Ian," was the caption.

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Although the sighting comes from a built-up area – away from wooded, mountainous regions where sightings are usually reported – it does appear to be taking huge strides with exaggerated arm swings that are often seen in alleged Bigfoot footage.

Moreover, the figure manages to pass through the flooding caused by Hurricane Ian with relative ease.

Reacting in the comments section, some people seemed to think that the local news crew may have accidentally stumbled upon something remarkable.

One said: "I am scratching my head. That is either a wicked prank or the real deal. I imagine that water is hip-deep or so."

Another wrote: "This definitely looks real. However, if this is a Bigfoot, it would be specifically a skunk ape based on the location. I've heard that skunk apes can mostly be sighted in the swampy areas.

"So wondering specifically if the swampy areas are so flooded it would have to venture into an urban area to find food and shelter?"

However, other people weren't convinced at all.

One said: "That's for sure a human being trudging through hip-deep water."

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"Absolute prank," said a second.

A third wrote: "Is it possible that’s just someone walking awkwardly cos they’re slogging through high water? [sic]

"That said I do think that the way whatever-it-is walks is amusingly similar to the iconic Bigfoot walk pose."


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