‘Mysterious plane crash wreckage’ in Death Valley spotted by Google Maps users

The wreckage of what appears to be a mystery plane crash has been spotted in a desert on Google Maps.

The crash site is located in Death Valley National Park, California, and very close to the Death Valley itself.

An image of the plane was posted to Reddit page r/GoogleMaps. The caption read: "Found this thing near Death Valley that looks like a crashed plane, does anyone know if it is a crashed plane?"

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Writing in the comments section, another Reddit user said it "makes sense for it to be a crashed plane with the military base just south of there".

The crash site is just north of a US Naval Air Weapons Station site, as well as China Lake Airport associated with the site.

Another Reddit user pointed out that it is also near to the Junction Ranch RCS Range.

Constructed in 1988, the range forms part of the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division at China Lake.

Amazingly, several Reddit users were also able to identify the exact model of the plane.

The FJ-2 Fury was a US Navy and Marine Corps fighter jet retired in 1962. Its "rounded wingtips" were what gave it away, one person wrote.

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Despite internet sleuths identifying a number of US Navy sites around the area, and the exact model of the aircraft, it still remains unclear exactly how the wreckage ended up in the middle of a scorching hot desert.

The leading theory put forward by people on Reddit was that old vehicles, such as an FJ-2 Fury, may be "used for target practice". They pointed to other pieces of debris in and around Death Valley as evidence.

However, not everyone seemed to go for such logical explanations. Another person wrote simply: "Aliens."


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