Conspiracy nutters claim Reebok shoes are ‘Satanic’ and resemble occult goat

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Conspiracy theorists are claiming that a new shoe unveiled by sporting goods giant Reebok are actually "Satanic" and represent that of an occult goat figurehead.

A theory that the shoes are actually related to the occult figurehead Baphomet was aired in a bonkers conspiracy group on Facebook, who allege the newly released shoe is a sign of Satan himself.

Religious groups have clocked the Instagram post from Reebok, which proudly displayed its collaboration with French luxury house brand Maison Margiela in making the Reebok Classic Leather Decortiqué Tabi Low shoe.

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Despite the shoe being described as "a deconstruction of the shoe's core structure", others are less than convinced, believing the shoe to be a representation of "Satanic" designs.

Taking to Facebook, Prophecy News wrote: "Reebok's new sneakers have the Baphomet goat feet.

"The rulers of this world show more and more openly and clearly who they worship. Make sure to open your eyes, and don't be caught up in their rituals."

But it would appear that many of the 5,000 comments on the post don't agree with Prophecy News, whose claim that the shoes are Satanic has been met with an overwhelming level of ridicule.

One person wrote: "They’ll go magnificently with my newly finished sacrificial altar and my Goat Blood Vino that’s currently fermenting in my basement."

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But a number of people did believe the shoes had problematic allusions and satanic consequences, with one user writing: "Satanic, no way will I ever wear those."

Another user wrote: "This is so satanic!! My family will never buy another shoe from you."

Despite being saddled with rumours of Satanism, the shoe is actually a representation of traditional Japanese shoes known as Tabi.

The leather footwear has historic ties to the 15th century, but it would appear a collection of internet nutters have branded the shoe as a satanic offering from Rebook.

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