Brit homeowner gets free renovation as decorator lets himself into wrong house

A homeowner was very surprised to come home to a note explaining that their house had been decorated for free and without them asking.

The bizarre accident, which happened in Harrogate, came about as the decorator was given the wrong address.

An image of the note was taken from Facebook and posted on the r/CasualUK Reddit page, much to the amusement of several people in the comments section.

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The note read: "Hi, I'm the decorator that came to yours.

"I was given the wrong address to go to and [was] told to knock and, if [I was] not answered, to just come in and get on with it.

"I saw a guy and he didn't say anything, so [I] had no idea.

"I will be back next week to finish. Obviously, it's all on us.

"I've been round a few times but no one [has been] in. So embarrassing!"

Another Reddit user then shared some more of what the homeowner had posted on Facebook. It read: "Can anyone help me out, my living room was half decorated by a random decorator, which myself, my brother or landlord had nothing to do with it.

"My brother didn’t think to question him as he had just assumed it had been organised by myself or the landlord. He had let himself in through the back door of my house and done this job. Whether they had got the wrong house or something. I'm baffled…"

"UPDATE!!!! He left a lovely note on our door and is coming back to finish off next week, he was given the wrong address."

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Some people in the comments section shared similar stories from down the years. Most were all saying the same thing about the decorator.

One wrote: "Gotta hand it to them, coming back to finish the job, and for free!"

"I need to give that person a job," wrote second.

A third said: "Man deserves a tip for coming back to finish what he wasn't paid to start."

While a fourth added: "We need a gofundme for that top bloke!"


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