‘UFO appears on new US intelligence agency logo’ as alien fans sent into orbit

Prankster spooks sent UFO boffins into orbit by posting a new logo on an official US Government intelligence website – featuring a flying saucer.

The image appeared over a map of North America on a hi-res logo that also included a Russian Su-57 fighter jet, a wedge-shaped hypersonic-style aircraft and a drone similar to those produced by China and Iran.

It implied flying saucers are among the top aerial threats facing the US.

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The logo – which appeared in the aviation section of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence – stunned and delighted UFO buffs.

UFO researcher and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell retweeted the image saying: "Not a bad new logo for the National Intelligence Manager for Aviation.

"A Lazar UFO in the official seal? Hahahhahaha. Radical. I still can’t believe they did this…"

But a spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence told the Daily Star the logo was "unofficial and incorrect" and had been posted erroneously.

It was hurriedly taken down and replaced with the old one – the US’s national symbol the Great Seal.

A source said: "This has all the hallmarks of a prank."

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"On the only hand it’s funny but on the other it’s rather worrying it can happen in a such a security-sensitive department."

The prank image was posted after the US Government recently launched an investigation into 144 mysterious sightings of UFOs by military Top Gun pilots.

And Uri Geller had something to say about the fake logo as he took to Twitter to share his thoughts with his 25.5k followers.

The self-proclaimed psychic called the move "hugely significant" as he celebrated what he called a "very deliberate" move.

"Friends, I told you some time ago: the US government plans to slowly disclose that UFOs exist," he wrote.

"Now look at the new logo for the National Intelligence Manager for Aviation. It shows a UFO – alongside standard military aircraft. This is very deliberate and hugely significant!"

Other Twitter users speculated who could be behind the prank.

One said: "It doesn't seem to be there anymore, the logo looked a bit like the letter Q, qanon?"

Another added that it couldn't have been the government, adding: "You really think the government is going to tell us the truth if aliens exist or not? They never tell us the truth about anything."


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