September 24 ‘doomsday’ conspiracy debunked as vid says solar flare to hit Earth

Apocalpytic conspiracy theorists are making wild claims that all things will go bad in two days, marking September 24 as "Doomsday".

A hashtag "September24" has taken TikTok by storm as people claimed there will be a massive solar flare released by the Sun on the day that is powerful enough to wipe out the entire population on Earth.

Others quoted a speech by Friedrich Merz, leader of Germany's opposition part, who said: "This September 24 will remain in our memories in the future…"

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One TikToker, Chris, said there are rumours saying a solar storm will happen on the day and some say Donald Trump will announce to run for president in 2024.

"I've also been told the September 24, 2022 will be the end times or the 'great awakening'," he added.

Some said there will be a "great blackout" affecting all countries in the world on the day.

France24, however, contacted Friedrich Merz's political party, Christian Democratic Union, and debunked the "Doomsday" theory.

A spokesperson for the CDU party said: "Mr Merz meant February 24 (beginning of Russian attack on Ukraine) and mistakenly said September 24.

"So it was unintentional."

In the published parliament notes, Mr Merz noted the mistake and corrected that the date of the attack on Ukraine was February 24, not September 24.

The speech was made on February 27, just three days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

But unfortunately it was picked up by conspiracy theorists who spread fears by suggesting a catastrophic event to be happen on September 24.

Viewers responded to the rumours, with one saying: "This is why social media and media is dangerous, as many people will be worrying. Not me as it just another date."

"You think they will warn us when the end times happen? All the rich will get in a rocket and leave us for dead," another teased.

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