OnlyFans political star makes voters buy her racy pics to read her policies

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A political hopeful has spiced up an electoral campaign by forcing those who want to see her policies to sign up for her OnlyFans account.

Tess Garcia, 44, is running for local office in Tarapoto, Peru as the first councillor for the district municipality of La Banda de Shilcayo. She is a candidate for the Unión Regional movement.

Garcia is also planning on funding her campaign with the money she generates from her racy snaps on OnlyFans, which cost $20 (£17.80) a month to access. She's remained tight-lipped over how much the subscription service generates for her.

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"OnlyFans is an enterprise that I have had since the pandemic and it is through this means that I show my proposals," she told local media.

Garcia and her party both insist that the campaign is serious, and she says its about time someone took a different approach to campaigning.

Garcia told a local radio station: "I'm tired of the usual politics and, as an entrepreneur, we deserve a change."

Speaking on another programme she said: "I like to show… my proposals. I am a woman with a job to do.

"I would like to please all my neighbours with good projects that will help improve their quality of life."

There is also a local thrust behind her campaign and her use of OnlyFans.

San Martin, the province in which Tarapoto is the capital, is a largely rural region and a far cry away from the hustle and bustle of the country's sprawling capital Lima.

"I have seen that many girls from Lima have OnlyFans accounts," she said.

"I asked myself – why can't a woman from the provinces also have an account?"

Comparisons are already being made between Garcia and Susy Diaz, a Peruvian TV personality and former congresswoman who was condemned by the country's clergy in 1995 after flaunting a number 13 tattoo on her left buttock, indicating which part of the ballot card she wanted voters to tick.

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Peru's regional and municipal elections are set to take place on October 2.


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