Millions of Amazon users face higher price for delivery from tomorrow

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Amazon Prime users will see the cost of their membership increase from tomorrow with the online retailer confirming that subscription prices are going up by over £10 per year. The controversial hike will hit both those who pay for Prime on a monthly basis and via the popular yearly one-off fee.

Amazon Prime (12 months)

The price of Amazon Prime is rising in the UK, with the monthly membership going up from £7.99 to £8.99 and the yearly cost increasing from £79 to £95 on September 15. However, you can beat this price rise by paying for a year’s access now – this will lock in the price of Prime at its current rate for the next 12 months

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The current cost for these plans is £7.99 per month or £79 when paying for Prime up front. However, from September 15, this will rise to £8.99 per month or £95 as a one-off fee – that means a customer paying by monthly direct debit will now face a yearly bill of £107.88. It’s a big increase that affects all customers and, if you subscribe to Prime, now is a good time to make sure you are getting the most from this service.

As you might be aware, the Amazon fee includes unlimited one-day and same-day delivery on millions of items along with access to the Prime Video streaming service and two million songs on Prime Music.

There’s also early access to certain Lightning deals which means Prime members get to grab offers before those who don’t subscribe.

If you don’t feel you’re taking advantage of these benefits then you can easily cancel your plan.

Simply go to Your Amazon Prime Membership then select Manage, tap Update, Cancel and More, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

There’s is one final way to beat the hike but you need to act fast. If you sign up for a year today, September 14, you’ll get Prime for the current price of £79 for the year meaning you won’t pay that higher fee. Of course, you’ll need to do this before midnight but it’s well worth considering as it will save some significant cash.

Speaking about the impending rise, a spokeswoman for Amazon said: “Prime offers the best of shopping and entertainment, and continues to improve each year. We have increased the number of products available with fast, unlimited Prime delivery, recently added ultra-fast fresh grocery delivery, and have significantly expanded our high-quality digital entertainment, including TV, movies, music, games, and books. With increased inflation and operating costs in the UK continuing to rise, we will change the price of Prime.”

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