Man rides horse through McDonald’s drive-thru and makes off with 100 nuggets

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After a long day, nothing beats a sneaky Mcdonald's on your way home, even if you have to turn up on horseback to get it.

Many swear the drive-thru is the quickest, and easiest way to get your hands on your fast food.

We’re used to seeing cars, vans, and even a motorbike making their way through the drive-thru, as it's so aptly named.

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Some have even tried their look on foot, though they’re usually turned away by the staff.

But one man has defied the rules by showing up to order on the back of his horse – and he made a humongous order.

The Mirror reported how the rider filmed himself ordering 100 chicken nuggets from a restaurant in East London.

The man, who posted under the handle @theblessedequestrian on TikTok, captioned the clip: "After our hack we got hungry, so I went to get 100 chicken nuggets".

The clip has since been seen more than 1.6 million times.

In the footage, the huge horse gallops towards the drive-thru window while its rider places his order – they then ride over to the next window to collect his huge bag brimming with McNuggets.

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Users flocked to the comments section to share their wonder at the unusual mode of transportation, with one questioning why the man hadn't treated his trusty steed to a snack.

One person wrote: "Could have got a carrot bag for your ride bro" to which the horse-rider replied, "My mare is picky, but I had treats in my pocket. That’s why her mouth is green".

Another said: "that is a stunning horse". While a third added, "your horse is beautiful".

One person mused: "What's the horsepower on that beast?" then another joked: "One horsepower, I've seen it all."


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