Amazon Prime customers have just DAYS left to beat UK price rise

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Amazon Prime prices are about to increase for the first time in the UK since 2014. On September 15 the monthly charge for this subscription service – which you can try out by signing up to an Amazon Prime free trial – is going up from £7.99 to £8.99 while the yearly fee will increase from £79 to £95. If you want to avoid this price hike then there is a simple trick you can try out today which lets you lock in the current, cheaper membership fee for the next 12 months by paying for a year’s worth of access upfront now.

Amazon Prime (12 months)

The price of Amazon Prime is rising in the UK, with the monthly membership going up from £7.99 to £8.99 and the yearly cost increasing from £79 to £95 on September 15. However, you can beat this price rise by paying for a year’s access now – this will lock in the price of Prime at its current rate for the next 12 months

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By doing this you will ensure you pay £79 for the next 12 months – as opposed to the £95 charge that will kick in in a few days’ time.

When your next renewal date comes along in a year’s time the new £95 charge will come into effect, so you can decide then whether you want to cancel in September 2023 or pay the new membership fee.

For anyone considering joining Prime, there are plenty of reasons to pick up an subscription with speedy Prime delivery the obvious benefit of the Amazon service.

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Besides this Amazon Prime comes bundled with plenty of perks, including access to Prime Video – home of the new Lord of the Rings TV show The Rings of Power – as well as access to Amazon Music Prime, Prime Reading, Prime Gaming and more.

If you have two people in your household thinking of picking up an Amazon Prime subscription there’s no need for you both to get one.

That’s because Amazon offers a handy service called Amazon Household which lets two adults in the same household share an Amazon Prime subscription.

Share Prime with Amazon Household

Amazon Prime prices are rising this month. If you want to make the service cheaper then you can share your Amazon Prime subscription with someone else in your household. If you have two people paying for Prime at home then this is ideal as one member of your household can cancel their membership, and still enjoy the benefits of a Prime membership by sharing yours

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As reported recently, this service lets you share Prime benefits such as speedy Prime delivery as well as access to Prime Video between two people.

You can also share content you have purchased digitally such as ebooks, as well as link a child’s account to an Amazon Household so you can limit the content they can access.

If you have two people in your house thinking of getting a Prime subscription taking advantage of Amazon Household will save you £79 a year at the current Prime price, or £95 at the new rate.

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Unlock access to exclusive deals by signing up for a free Amazon Prime trial. Prime members also enjoy next-day delivery for free, unlimited photo backup to the cloud, access to all shows and films on Prime Video, and tracks via Prime Music. Cancel anytime during the month-long trial period and you won’t pay a penny!

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