Terrifying ghost woman keeps ‘haunting’ AI-generated images and nobody knows why

An artist who uses AI to generate original artworks has 'created a monster'—a nightmarish woman who keeps reappearing in 'horrifying' contexts.

The artist, who goes by the alias Supercomposite, claims he discovered a woman he has called 'Loab' who almost always appears in 'macabre', graphic, and gory images. These images are created by typing a written prompt into AI software which then generates them automatically.

The artist,said: "I discovered this woman, who I call Loab, in April. The AI reproduced her more easily than most celebrities. Her presence is persistent and she haunts every image she touches."

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The strangest part is that she exists in 'multiple' image-generation AI models, leading some to speculate that Loab is a ghost haunting the machine.

Loab first appeared when Supercomposite was experimenting with 'negative-weight' prompts, or when he instructs the AI to create the opposite of a prompt. Since then, she has cropped up in many different images.

They added: "Through some kind of emergent statistical accident, something about this woman is adjacent to extremely gory and macabre imagery in the distribution of the AI's world knowledge."

Supercomposite even joked: "All images in this collection are CONFIRMED by experts to probably not be cursed. You can rest assured and have nearly 100% confidence that these items are not imbued with any type of demonic manifold energy. I guarantee it."

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Image-generating artificial intelligence systems are growing in popularity ever since the public launch of DALL-E, an AI which uses human text prompts to generate photorealistic original images.

In one case, an artist using the software 'Midjourney' won an art contest by submitting an AI-generated artwork.

Jason Allen won first place in a digital arts contest at the Colorado State Fair in the USA, but some said he was causing 'the death of artistry'.

One Twitter user said at the time. "This sucks for the exact same reason we don't let robots participate in the Olympics."


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