‘Worst nightclub in Europe’ is in UK and is ‘rite of passage’ for uni students

We’ve all had some tragic experiences in nightclubs but one spot up north can boast the ignominious title of the 'worst nightclub in Europe.'

Unknown to everyone bar the locals and the preppy university clientele, Durham’s Klute nightclub has built a reputation as a nightclub so bad it’s legendary.

Known for its sticky floors, cramped quarters and dingy atmosphere, Klute has become something of a ‘rite of passage’ for revellers in the North East.

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Complete with cheap deals like ‘Quids in Tuesdays’ – where some drinks costs just £1.50- it’s no wonder why it’s a hit with students.

Speaking to LadBible, one former Durham student Alabama Jackson described in detail how charmingly awful the club was.

She said: “I went there on my first night of ‘Freshers Week’ and said I’d never go again, but ended up returning on various other nights out when I was too drunk to realise it would be a mistake.

“But the minute I entered I realised it truly was Europe’s worst nightclub – if not the world’s worst.

“It absolutely does live up to the title. It’s truly disgusting…It didn’t stop me returning, though.”

And don’t just take Jackson’s word for it – the club also has their own entry on Urban Dictionary.

It reads: “The smallest, sweatiest ‘s*** hole I have ever had the displeasure of visiting.

“Now exclusively for students the music in Klute is always cheese, the students are always hammered, and the walls are always dripping with sweat.”

To be fair, it still sounds a hell of a lot better than the London clubs that charge £8 for a jaeger bomb and a sneer.


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