‘Bigfoot prints’ on beach suggest UK is home to ancient ‘true giant’ survivors

A sasquatch historian has said that talk of Bigfoots on UK soil might not be the cock and bull story many would presume it to be.

Last week, multiple beachgoers reported seeing a “ massive beast ” on Holkham Beach which was reportedly 15ft-tall and built “like Arnold Schwarzenegger ”.

Chillingly, huge footprints – five times the size of a man’s – were also seen at the beauty spot sparking fears the elusive monster might have crossed the point.

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As well as in Cannock Chase where reports of a hairy monster prowling the forests have cropped up since the 1800s, there have also been claimed sightings in Northumberland.

One believer is monster scholar Andy McGrath who told the Daily Star that Europe has long been home to hairy man monsters.

He explained: "In Europe and western Asia, there are 2 types of large hairy man-like creatures…

"The 1st (and most common) is a Neanderthal-like wildman, called the wodewose, that typically stands 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 feet tall, and of which, many regional names are recorded.

"The 2nd is a giant man-ape or true giant, (like the big grey man of Ben MacDhui) which is larger, standing between 10 – 15ft in height and sometimes exhibiting 3 – 4 visible toes, on the footprints, it leaves behind.

"The sighting of such a giant humanoid, like that seen in the Norfolk sand dunes, as well as the giant tracks left in the soft ground, may seem unusual for a Bigfoot sighting, until one looks at the legends of Hairy giants, ogres and trolls that were believed to populate this island long ago, this was known as Albion, or the land of the mighty.

"I think this example, if not a simple hoax, certainly falls into the true giant category."

It's definitely an interesting thought and after all, stranger things have happened in Albion.


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