Simple ‘lifesaving’ iPhone hack that every parent should know in an emergency

As kids grow up, many parents decide to give them a smartphone.

Although this can be a bit tricky when it comes to screentime and social media addiction, giving your offspring a gadget can be a vital lifeline for them if they're ever out and about with friends.

This is particularly true in an emergency. One parent has shared an iPhone 'mum hack' on TikTok which will ensure your kids can always get through to you

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Lauren, 25, posted the hack on her TikTok. It ensures that your phone will ring at full volume when you get a text message or phone call—even if your phone is on silent.

By opening a contact card (she uses the example of the school phone number), you can activate the feature.

Lauren says: "Go onto your contacts, click the contact that you need. Press edit, then what you need to do then is click ringtone, set to emergency bypass.

"Do the same for text, set to emergency bypass.

"And then if your phone is on silent it will actually ring out loud or text out loud so you will be able to hear it."

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The trick works for any contact, so you can also do it for your loved ones such as your parents or partner.

This is just one of several brilliant iPhone safety features. One feature, the 'five click trick', makes your iPhone automatically call the emergency services and send them your location.

Last year, 41-year-old British skiier Tim Blakely went solo-skiing up a Swiss mountain where he plummeted down a 15ft crevice in the ice.

By activating the feature he was able to alert the mountain rescue on 3% battery. They found him in the ice and saved his life.


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