Millions of Samsung TV owners face block from watching ITV content – are you affected?

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Owners of older Samsung TVs may soon find they need to upgrade to something new if they want to carry on watching content from ITV. The popular British broadcaster is about to make some major changes to its ITV Hub online streaming platform and older Samsung tellies look set to lose their compatibility with this service.

According to an update on ITV’s help page, any Samsung TV that was produced prior to 2015 will no longer be able to access shows and movies from ITV Hub after September 22. It’s a huge blow to owners of these TVs with ITV Hub currently offering hours of content that can be viewed at any time of the day or night.

Samsung’s televisions are not the only devices being ditched from this online player with some Freeview and Freesat set-top boxes also losing access next month.

Devices from firms including Hisense, Panasonic, TCL and Sharp are also on the list from ITV with Freeview saying that this upcoming incompatibility is due to ITV working to deliver improvements and upgrades to their app.


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If losing ITV Hub wasn’t bad enough, there’s more news that could get owners of blocked devices to upgrade to something new. The ITV Hub player is about to be replaced and fully upgraded by a new service called ITV X.

This new online platform is promising to deliver even more shows and boxsets with some even being made available long before they are shown on terrestrial TV.

Along with that option to view content ahead of its official release, ITV is also boasting that its new player will offer over double the amount of content currently available via ITV Hub.

In fact, whilst ITV Hub has 4,000 hours of content the new ITVX platform is boasting that it will have around 11,000 hours more.

ITVX will be entirely free to watch via an ad-supported plan, but a paid-for package which bundles in BritBox will also be available that removes ads as well.

If you use Samsung TVs, Freeview or Freesat devices then here’s a full list of products that will soon be incompatible.

• Avtex – 2013+

• CVTE – 2016 – 2018

• Hisense – 2016

• Humax 4000t

• Humax 5000t

• Panasonic TV 2015 C range models

• Panasonic TV 2016 D range models

• Panasonic TV 2018 F HD range models

• Sharp UMC 2017

• Sharp UMC 2018

• TCL 6586 (2018) 6 Series

• Freesat G2 2012-2018 Humax

• Samsung All TVs prior to 2015 

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