Baker in ‘illegal sprinkles’ row calls Zuckerberg ‘f-ing lizard’ after Insta ban

The baker who was at the centre of the "illegal sprinkles" row has called Mark Zuckerberg a "f***ing lizard f***" after being banned on Instagram.

Rich Myers, the owner of Leeds-based Get Baked, made headlines last year after a customer reported his US-imported sprinkles to Trading Standards.

Rich hit back with a hilarious rant that went viral, but was eventually forced to stop using the sprinkles.

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Now, Get Baked have launched a similarly foul-mouthed tirade against Zuckerberg and Meta – Zuckerberg's company that owns Instagram – after their account was removed.

In a statement in their newsletter, titled "Meta can go f*** themselves. Mark Zuckerberg is a f***king lizard f***. F*** Instagram. F*** off", Get Baked claim they have been "permanently removed from Instagram for no reason whatsoever".

It reads: "That's pretty nice of them, considering I've dedicated countless hours, and vast amounts of headspace to building a community of over 75,000 followers on their platform for the last 12 months.

"Well, they can shove their soulless aspirations to become TikTok, bulls*** algorithms, and dedication to the vertical video up their arse vertically.

"In July, I got banned from Instagram for 24 hours, because I jokingly told a customer after he'd ordered a slice of Bruce that he was going to 'drown in chocolate'.

"That's where we're at now with Meta.

"It's all good for some f***ing p***k from Geordie Shore to parade around with heavily edited and filtered images of themselves to their following of young, naïve, and impressionable females, resulting in levels of utterly blurred comparison and body-dysmorphia, the likes we've never seen before – but no, you can't be a bakery and have even a smidgen of personality. That's not okay."

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The statement concludes by saying that Get Baked's newsletter will be where people can find the majority of their content following the ban.

"I can say whatever the f*** I like on here, and I've gotta tell ya, it feels great," it continues.

"This business is going to continue to be true to what it is."


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