Ghost-hunting kids get driven around in hearse and have ‘seen spirits’

Meet the spook-loving sisters who go ghost hunting with their family… and are driven around in a hearse.

Snow, nine, and six-year-old Pebble join their parents as they investigate mysteries.

Snow has even seen spirits and drawn them. Dad Jon Paul Kenny, 32, said: “Snow sees them all, she has a real superpower.

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“When we took Snow and Pebble to their first ghost hunting adventure, Snow first saw a solider type figure with a round head and a woman holding hands with a little girl.

“When she said it in the car on the way home, we were really shocked and so we asked her to draw what she saw.

“After doing a little research into the place we had been we saw there had also been other sightings of this. She got it spot on even down to the clothes that were worn.”

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Jon Paul, a teacher, and Kymmi Jeffrey, 37, also host ghost-hunting events and go to the shops and the pub in their hearse named Mortitia.

Kymmi said: “We initially thought it would be the best way to advertise our business but we love it and use it as a family car. It is a four litre engine so it does go quick but takes a while to pick up speed.

“We get a good response when we’re out in it, people always stop to look and take photos. That’s also how we got the nickname of the real life Addam’s family.

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“Wen I got out of it in Tesco car park you could see people’s heads turning. We’ve also gone to the pub in it too, although it does take up two parking spaces.”

The couple were inspired to start their business after going on a ghost-hunting tour for Kymmi’s birthday one year.

The therapist said: “We loved it so much we decided to set up on our own and offer ghost hunting experiences for people, as well as doing it as a family with our young daughters.

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“I was so sceptical at first. I am quite a logical thinker and I always want to try and de-bunk our findings but sometimes there just isn’t a logical explanation. They really do blow our mind sometimes.”

She added: “We know it is quite controversial taking your kids ghost hunting, but we never go when it’s late at night, we don’t think it’s anything to be scared about. They’re always so excited to come with us and be a part of it all.”

Jon Paul, from Middlewich, Cheshire, said: “We have this crazy side which we absolutely love. People at work have started to hear more about what we do, and they love it, they think it’s fantastic.”


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