The strangest Guinness World Records – largest condom to oldest male stripper

It has been nearly 70 years since the Guinness Book of Records was first published and started to pay homage to some of the most unique talents from around the world.

While in some places people may have been viewed as weird, or even been shunned, for their peculiar behaviour and looks, this book has continued to encourage people to step forward with their out-of-this-world talent.

Today (Saturday, August 27 ), the Guinness Book of Records turns 67, so the Daily Star is highlighting some of the craziest submissions that have set records in the past almost seven decades.

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World's longest moustache

Ram Singh Chauhan, from Jaipur, India, achieved the record after he revealed his moustache measured a staggering 14 feet.

He hasn't chopped his facial hair since the 1970s and said it is his "most prized possession," reports India Today.

But according to his Instagram page, his latest measurement was listed at an even more impressive 19.3 feet.

Ram previously said: "When I first started to grow my moustache, I did not intend to break any record.

"Moustaches have been a part of Rajasthani and Indian culture for centuries. It is the symbol of pride and respect."

The world's biggest condom

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Clothes firm Benetton Group shocked passers-by in Parris, France, following the construction of a giant condom.

They fitted the 72 foot condom over the Obelisque in Place de la Concorde, to highlight World AIDS day in 1993.

The largest hairy family

The Ramos Gomez family, from Mexico, were recognised as the largest hairy family in 2000.

Victor "Larry" Gomez, Gabriel "Danny" Ramos Gomez, Luisa Lilia De Lira Aceves and Jesus Manuel Fajardo Aceves all suffer from a rare condition which causes excessive facial and torso hair.

They are four out of a family of 19 that span five generations all dealing with Congenital Generalized Hypertrichosis.

The women have a light-to-medium coat of hair, while the men have much thicker hair which covers around 98% of their body.

Oldest male stripper

Bernie Barker was hailed the oldest male stripper in 2002, after he launched his exotic new career at the age of 60.

An extract from his autobiography said: "When I was 60 I dreamed that I could become a male stripper, and did just that, in so doing I cemented my youth to that image, I have fun, enjoy life."

The former US real estate agent said he needed to get into shape after recovering from prostate cancer, so decided to become a male stripper.

Storycorps issued an update from Bernie which said: "Over the past four years, I’ve won 42 striptease contests and received Guinness recognition.

"While those victories are very motivational to me, it is the audience reactions and the e-mail from just great people that are the reasons I continue. As they say, never say never."

He sadly passed away in 2007.

Longest tongue

Dante Barnes, from Michigan, USA, currently holds the record for the world's longest tongue circumference (male) which measures to 12.19 cm.

When it expands, the measures soar to an unbelievable 42 mm (1.65 in) in height and 40 mm (1.57 in) in width.

Speaking about his mouthful, he said: “I have not had an actual medical person tell me what it is that I can do or what it’s called but I have had people make videos about my tongue and they say it’s called macroglossia.”

“I definitely see my tongue as a gift. I never thought I would have a Guinness World Records title at all, let alone for my tongue.”

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