Life on street next to Walkers factory where the air always smells of Quavers

Residents have shared what it is like to live by a Walkers crisps factory, where the air smells of Quavers.

On the way into Lincoln city centre, many of the residents of Newark Road have become completely used to the smell of crisps hanging around every day of their lives.

Many say the cheesy smell doesn’t bother them, Lincolnshire Live reports, with the whiff just a part of everyday life.

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Jade Ogle, 25, who lives on Newark Road said: “It’s not too bad to be fair.

"Every now and then you get the smell of the Quavers coming through, but you expect that. You just become used to it.

"It’s what people expect it to be.”

Other residents have explained that other issues in the area are more frustrating, like school traffic for instance.

“I don’t take notice of the smell. On a hot day, sometimes you can smell it.” they said.

"People just like to complain. There’s so much going on in the world and people moan about a cheesy smell coming through the door.”

Janet Whyte, 71, said: “I have lived here for 30 years. It doesn’t bother me but it does smell.

"When I go to Aldi I can smell it. I don’t like, let’s put it that way, but it wouldn’t mean I'd sell the place because I can’t smell it in the house.”

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One resident said the most annoying thing was the general hubbub of the factory, which also produces French Fries and Snaps, reporting a humming sound could be heard often.

Another said it just made her want to eat Quavers.

Phung Do, 27, said the noise was “not too disruptive,” adding, “It smells sometimes, but it’s not too bad; I like Quavers."

In 2021 the factory’s owners, Pepsico, created 40 new jobs when they invested £24 million to upgrade the facility.


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