Bloke implants electronic Tesla key into his hand to open doors with just a wave

Sooner or later everyone loses their keys. Everyone except Brandon Dalaly, that is.

Detroit tech enthusiast Brandon has just had the electronic key to his Tesla permanently implanted into his skin, so he can now open the electric vehicle’s doors with just a simple wave of his hand.

The Tesla key is the second electronic device that Brandon has had implanted into his body.

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He told US news station FOX 2 that his first digital key, which is embedded in the flesh of his left hand not only opens his front door but puts a few more tricks up his sleeve.

He explained: “After [the first chip] was inserted and the swelling went down, I’m able to open up the front and back door of my house. I can walk up to people and have them tap their phone to my hand and instantly transfer my contact information in my portfolio, my Covid vaccine card”.

But Brandon was so pleased with his door-opening superpower, he started wondering what other cyborg add-ons he could come up with.

“I thought how cool would it be if I could leave my house with no car key and no house key,” he said.

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So he went for his second embedded chip.

Brandon does all of the coding and programming for the chips himself, just getting someone else to inject the finished article in his hand.

The best part, he says, is that they are so small that you don’t even need a doctor to implant them. Brandon has his done in a piercing salon.

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"The chips themselves are around $200 to $300 and the install is only about $100 because you can go to a local piercing shop who will agree to do the installation," he explained.

Brandon is hoping his built-in Tesla chip will get some attention from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

He says the built-in car key is a “perfect back up.

“You can never forget it, it never breaks, something that won’t fail you," he boasted.


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