iPhone trick lets you find out if your hot date is lying about their height

It's a tale as old as Tinder: you're looking forward to a hot date with an eligible, 7-foot-tall bachelor(ette) only to arrive and discover they only come up to your chest.

If a date has been less than honest about their true height, it's easy to feel hard done by, and you might even begin to wonder what else they're lying about.

Luckily the iPhone has an augmented reality tool which acts as a measuring tape, letting you check how tall anyone is just by using your camera app.

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The 'Measure' app is one of the pre-installed programmes which come with the iPhone and lets you automatically gauge the size of different objects and distances.

To use it, you just have to open the app, aim the white dot on-screen at the top of the object or person you want to measure, and click the + button.

This sets the first point of your measurement. All you have to do next is slowly aim your camera downwards and click + at the person's feet.

Using some smart AR technology, your iPhone will then tell you exactly how tall your date is without the need for a tape measure.

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It might be a bit awkward to do this in person so you could always try using it sneakily from a distance before you greet your date.

The Measure tool is available on any Apple iPhone newer than the iPhone SE or iPhone 6s, or on any iPad from the 5th generation onwards.

The iPhone has tons of augmented reality tools and tricks. Many different shop apps, including Wayfair and IKEA, let you use augmented reality to see what new furniture will look like in your house. You can also use it to play 3D games in a real-world setting through the camera.


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