‘F***ing humongous’ chip bigger than banana leaves Brits gobsmacked

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An absolutely monstrous oven chip that is longer than a banana has Brits in a frenzy.

Two pictures of the chip were shared by its proud owner to the r/CasualUK Reddit page, alongside the caption: "Well big chip."

In one image, the owner held the huge snack in one hand, showing it to be roughly three times longer than the width of their four fingers.

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In the other they laid it down next to a one pound coin and a banana for scale. Obviously it dwarfed the coin, but amazingly the chip was actually a few centimetres longer than the banana too.

"Congratulations on that f**king humongous chip," one person said in the comments section.

Other people were all saying or asking one of two things.

One person wrote: "Imagine the size of the potato!"

To which another replied: "Honestly, how big do potatoes get? That chip is massive."

According to Guinness World Records, the world's biggest potato weighs a staggering 4.98kg.

It came from Nottinghamshire vegetable grower Peter Glazebrook in 2011 and certainly looks big enough to produce oven chips of this size.

Last year a New Zealand couple thought they'd smashed the record with a 7.89kg spud, but DNA testing proved it was actually a "tuber" – a kind of swollen underground stem – from a gourd.

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The other question regarding the monster oven chip was obvious.

One person asked the chip's owner: "Did you eat it, or save it for a special occasion?

"You could put it in a hot dog bun and have a one chip butty."

Whilst the New Zealand couple decided to keep their massive but fake potato in the freezer, preserving the memory of what could have been, this Brit's chip proved too appetising not to eat.

"It’s in the oven mate," was the owner's reply.


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