Bloke almost flattened by huge slab of metal that ‘fell off jet flying overhead’

A man narrowly escaped being turned into a pancake after a piece of a trans-Atlantic jet fell out of the sky and just missed him.

Officials in the US state of Maine are now investigating how the 2-3kg piece of metal came loose from the plane last week (August 12).

Capitol police screener Craig Donahue just escaped with his life after the cylindrical metal object smacked into the ground 6 feet away from him outside Maine’s state house.

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Remarkably neither Craig nor anyone else in the vicinity was injured in the disturbing event.

The area outside Maine’s state house is frequently busy and has been used for rallies, protests and press conferences in recent months.

The federal aviation department was quickly summoned Friday and officials arrived to investigate the object.

Capitol police chief Matthew Clancy said: “It definitely shocked him.

“He was walking back to the building and got quite a wakeup call.”

It’s thought that the object, which was all but obliterated on impact, was the metal sleeve from the wing flap of a large passenger jet.

All airlines operating that day have been notified and all planes landed safely during the time frame.


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