Politician promises that he will never eat a ‘whole plate of dog penises’ again

A politician has bizarrely promised that he'll not be eating another plate of dog penises anytime soon following a trip to South Korea.

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson was flown around the world under Donald Trump's presidency, but said that the food outside of the United States left much to be desired.

Jackson has since pledged to never eat dog penis again after being asked what his last meal on Earth would be.

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It seemed Congressman Jackson was no fan of the Korean delicacy though, as he swore off the meal and said it would not be something he'd ate ever again.

He said: "It won't be dog penis. I ate a whole plate of dog penis one time. I'm not doing that again."

The South Korean dish in reference could be that of gaebul, a penis-shaped fish that, when translated into English, means "penis fish".

On travel website Travel Food Atlas, a description for gaebul reads: "Because of its pinkish to brown appearance, it made a huge resemblance to the male private part. Hence, the name 'penis fish'.

"A joke was once also thought that gaebul resembles a dog's genitals, so the worm was named after those Korean words."

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Jackson said that given the opportunity to plan his last meal on Earth, he would instead choose fried steak with fried okra, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes instead of dog penises.

An understandable choice for the well-travelled politician, who added: "I travelled to 120 different countries during my time at the White House. Believe me, we were offered some weird stuff."

One other weird food moment during Jackson's travelling came from a fertilised duck egg in the Philippines, known as a balut, Chron reported.

He said of the egg: "I ate one of those. I'm never doing that again."

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