New film sparks fears Moon could be pushed from orbit in doomsday event

Space scientists have poured cold water on a terrifying theory that the moon could be smacked out of its orbit and put on a collision course with earth.

The scary prospect is the subject of the new science fiction film 'Moonfall' which sees humanity deal with the drastic implications of the moon breaking up over the atmosphere.

However luckily for us, the science of such a thing happening is all but impossible due to a host of intergalactic certainties.

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LiveScience reports that all near-Earth objects are tracked by scientists years before they enter space close to us.

All of these objects are intrinsically mapped so if one was on a collision course with the moon we'd know about it.

However, in most cases, any asteroid that was approaching our location would likely be pulled down to Earth due to the planet's stronger gravitational pull.

Paul Chodas is the manager of the Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) and told the site that any impact with the moon would have to be seismic to have any effect.

He explained: "We check for collisions between any planet and asteroid, and we check for collisions on the moon.

"The moon is big, so it would have to be a huge object that would have to hit it at high speed.

"You'd have to hit it with something that's hundreds and hundreds of miles in diameter."

And thankfully, Mr Chodas affirms that there are currently no such gargantuan space rocks on our radar.


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