‘Karen’s Diner went too far with paedo claim, salt prank and making kids cry’

When you go to a restaurant that prides itself on being rude to customers, you expect a bit of abuse and some below-the-belt jokes.

But for some customers, Karen's Diner, the sensation sweeping the globe, has pushed the line just too far.

Over the past few years, Karen has become a disparaging term for women who are perceived as entitled, rude or demanding.

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So the Karen's Diner experience naturally includes being “greeted and waited upon by rude waiters who in return are expecting you to give it full Karen.”

To ensure people enjoy their time there, house rules are put in place to ensure “customers and staff are comfortable”.

The rules on their website include no racism, no sexism, no homophobic comments, no body image comments, no ableist comments, do not touch our staff and no sexual remarks towards our staff.

And while the vast majority of visits go off without a hitch, with scores of five-star reviews praising the servers' sense of humour, some visitors haven't taken quite so kindly to Karen's unique approach to customer service.

We had a look at some of the complaints people have left following their visit…

Dad called 'paedo'

A dad was left furious after a waiter called him a paedophile and accused his daughter of having an OnlyFans account.

Stacey Howard, who has spoken out previously about his experience at the restaurant in Brisbane, Australia, claimed the waiter went too far in the joke.

Speaking to the Courier Mail, the dad explained: “My daughter was doing a Facebook Live and this young guy came up and said, ‘Are you on OnlyFans you tart? – Here's some content for you’ and he pretended to w*** himself off and jizz on the table.

“My daughter sat on my lap because she was concerned and he said, 'What are you a pedo? Are you all having sex with each other?'"

Following the outburst, Mr Howard says he and his family left the restaurant. The restaurant has since apologised, describing the staff member's actions as "inexcusable".

£370 hair extensions ruined

One reviewer was left furious when a waiter in an Australian branch allegedly poured salt on his wife's head.

Steven B wrote on Open Table that she was left "picking salt" out of her hair extensions, which cost a whopping $650, or £370.

He said: “My wife had a salt shaker poured all over her hair by one of your Karen's at dinner when she asked for some salt.

"We attended with all expectations to be spoken to rudely but we never expected to be treated like that. My wife had hair extensions put in the day before that cost $650 that she was picking salt out of all night. Your staff kindly offered a small refund of a burger and two drinks as they said that this was over the top.”

'Inappropriate' trivia questions

As you can imagine, Karen’s Diner isn’t only popular with adults and they also welcome teens to come along for the experience.

This, however, became a problem for one customer when the waiter allegedly asked them to “name three men” they would sleep with in front of their 12-year-old.

Suzis said on Open Table: “Food was average. Prices were average. Despite attending during a midday lunch session, I would definitely not take any children under 18.

"Too many f-bombs thrown around and inappropriate dialogue. The waiter came around to diners with a microphone asking trivia questions: he asked me in front of my 12-year-old old to ‘name three men I would f***?’ That’s just simply inappropriate. I was under the impression that reservations during the day received a toned-down performance from staff!”

'Immature' waiter

They’re not the only people to say they faced issues when taking kids to the restaurant, with one parent claiming their 10-year-old was driven to tears after an ‘immature waiter’ made rude comments to her as she went to the toilet.

Nowell B wrote: “I'm totally disgusted with the immaturity of the male waiter, I had my 10-year-old daughter who wanted to go to the bathroom and he started saying rude things to her.

"She cried uncontrollably which is totally unacceptable. She refused to stay and my husband and I had to leave the rest of the party to accompany my daughter who continued to be distressed, totally disgusted.”

‘Full-blown abuse’

Another diner claims to have witnessed what they called "full-blown abuse" after watching a young girl on a date have water poured over her head.

User Ekated said she would “never again” visit the restaurant after seeing the young girl driven to tears.

They said: “DO NOT GO HERE. Although I completely understand the concept and am the furthest thing from a 'Karen', this was the worst experience I have ever had (and not in a good way).

"I will never recommend this place to people and would suggest you run the other way if thinking of going. The concept is great but the execution was disgusting.

"I witnessed full-blown abuse. A young girl had a glass of water poured over her head whilst sitting at a table with a date. She got up completely soaked with tears in her eyes.

"You can also stay in character without insulting people for their appearance. Food and drinks were foul and I could not have walked out of there quicker. Never again.”

'Fat shaming' and order mix up

Despite one of the rules at the diner stating "no body image comments", one customer has said they witnessed just that.

The person wrote said: “The staff were trying to be Karen’s but missed the mark, including fat shaming one of our guests which I was told by a member of staff is a no-go area.

"The worst part was they actually forgot half the order (at first we thought this was part of the joke until we were told it was a mix-up in the kitchen).

“Even though they did apologise in a Karen way, the fact that half the food was 45 minutes after the other three diners had already eaten and the fat shaming remark took away from the overall experience.

"At the end of the day it’s still a restaurant, and with the banter and bad service should still come some basic hospitality skills.”

Karen's Diner has been contacted for a comment.


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