Russian factory making ‘robot doppelgängers’ gives TikTok viewers nightmares

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TikTok users have been left terrified after a robotics specialist explained how they can make robot doppelgängers of people from photos.

The Russian company, Promobots specialise in creating life-like robots and has shot to fame online, with over 2.7million followers after showing off their creations.

However, one fan of the company got a reply that sent shivers down the spines of many viewers as the company explained how it is perfectly legal to make a robot that looks identical to a living person.

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In the video, a staff member at Promobot Robots explained: "What does the law say about robot doppelgängers? Is it possible to create robots with a human appearance? Yes.

"Human appearance is not the object of copyright. Russian laws have not yet regulated the creation of appearance for robots. Is it possible to order a robot with any appearance? Not really.

"Robotics specialists need pictures of the prototype to create the robot doppelgängers and these are copyright objects. Photos can be bought or donated."

However, the robotics expert went on to explain that a robot can be made to look like you without your knowledge.

The bloke added: "Can someone else create the robot doppelgängers without your knowledge? Yes. If someone has the rights to your images, but it is impossible to make an exact copy of you from random CCTV images. Don't worry."

The video received more than 3,200 likes since it was posted on August 8, and fans rushed to the comments to share what they thought about the chilling revelation.

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One user wrote: "Sorry I can't support this anymore it's inhumane."

Another said: "The fear is when a human brain can be implanted in a machine and it works in there."

A third added: "'Don't worry' well I wasn't before now."

A fourth commented: "If I watch enough of these I'll learn how to defeat them or shut it down when the time comes there gonna be stronger than us, so much work to save."


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