Have you ever been attacked by a seagull? Tell us your seagull horror stories

After pigeons, seagulls are probably the likely bird you’ll see co-existing with humans in densely populated areas.

For the large part, that co-existence is a peaceful one, but increasing incidents involving seagulls attacking humans have made many people wonder if Britain’s seagulls are becoming more aggressive.

Seagulls have traditionally lived around coastal areas or lakes, where they prey on fish, crustaceans, gastropods, molluscs, plankton and krill.

But in more recent times, gulls have gradually started appearing more and more in our towns and cities. And plenty of us have lost a bag of chips or an ice-cream to a pesky gull.

Tell us your seagull from hell stories in the comments.

In most cases, incidents occur when a person is passing by a place where a seagull has nested.

Mother seagulls are fiercely defensive of their chicks, so anyone they consider to be getting too close to comfort is a potential target.

Gulls tend to swoop down on people when they feel threatened. This is called ‘dive-bombing’ and they do it to scare people away.

But attacks can sometimes cause physical harm, especially if a gull catches you with its beak, claws or wing.

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Tell us your seagull from hell stories in the comments.

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