British Navy encountered 64ft Kraken sea monster and barely escaped with lives

Sailors navigating the Cape of Good Hope in the 19th-century claim to have seen a mythical sea monster known as the Kraken which they say was the size of an island.

The enormous squid monster is one of the most feared creatures on earth and was said to be able to sink ships by itself – though naturally this never happened.

These days we can be fairly confident the only monsters hiding in the sea are ones we’ve studied already however in 1848 much of the ocean’s secrets were unknown.

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Whilst navigating the stretch of the sea around West Africa on August 6 1848, the crew of the HMS Daedalus claimed to have seen something terrifying.

While on deck, the ship’s Captain Peter M’Quhae claimed that an enormous dark brown creature broke the surface.

On its slimy back, he and his crew say there were streaks of yellow and white colours.

It reportedly moved at around 24 kilometres an hour and was truly humongous.

Captain M’Quhae estimated that the squid had only 4 feet of its head above the water while it swam with its actual body extending a full 60 feet below the waves.

Luckily for the crew of the HMS Daedalus, the encounter was over before it began as the Kraken sunk back beneath the sea and didn’t attack the ship.

And given that it took place before cameras were invented, we can perhaps excuse the crew for not having any proof of their encounter.


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