Man uses brother’s body to fake death and claim insurance before wife kills him

A man from China who used his brother's body to fake his death and claim the insurance to fund his wife's business, ended up being murdered by her for her new life.

The 2006 crash which burned his brother Quang's body beyond recognition gave a cash-strapped Dein Minh Thanh an unexpected opportunity to pretend the body was his and have his wife claim the insurance to save his business.

However, a few years later ,with the business thriving again, and Thanh in hiding, his wife, Tiet Le Binh, and his father-in-law, Mr Cung, were running the business and prospering without him, and barely getting in touch any more.

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With Thanh "dead", as far as the law was concerned, Binh had even remarried, to a man named Duong Khai, an old classmate, and also Binh’s first love.

Desperate that he had given up everything, while his wife led a luxurious lifestyle, from the beginning of 2011 Thanh often went to Binh’s house to try and get her to break up with Khai.

However, when Thanh wasn't interested in a 3 million yuan pay off from Binh to leave her alone, a plot to kill him was hatched.

As far as the authorities were concerned, Thanh was dead anyway, so on January 24, 2011, Binh’s father, Mr. Cung, bought a hammer, a kitchen knife, a garbage bag.

On February 28, 2011, two students from Nanjing University discovered a black plastic bag that smelled, while out for a walk, as soon as they picked up the bag they noticed something wasn't right and called the police.

The police searched the area and found 10 similar bags, each with body parts, which were pieced together by a medical examiner along with clothing.

According to the results of the autopsy, the deceased was a man, about 40 years old, and in good health.

The cause of death was being hit in the head several times with a blunt object, with the perpetrator also intentionally destroying the face.

There was still room for one last twist though, as in the pocket of the victim was a train ticket that was traced to Thanh's other brother Duong, who was alive and well when police caught up with him.

Duong said that on February 20, he went from Lanzhou to Nanjing to visit his sister-in-law and granddaughter, not knowing where the train ticket fell.

Through DNA testing, the police confirmed that the deceased was not Duong, but was a blood relative.

As far as police were concerned Thanh died in a traffic accident five years ago, while Quang went out to do business then disappeared the same year.

Initially, the police thought that the dead person was Quang, who was missing, but DNA test results showed that this was Thanh.

Police extracted the camera at the supermarket, found all the people who bought garbage bags within a week before the case, and discovered that Mr Cung, was Thanh’s father-in-law.

The police investigated Mr Cung and discovered that there were some small blood stains in the bathroom with test results confirming that it was Thanh’s blood.

Footage from a surveillance camera around Mr Cung’s house showed a person entering the house, who did not come out, and was believed to be the victim

Faced with overwhelming evidence Mr Cung confessed.

Although the police thought that Binh might be the mastermind, Mr Cung claimed to be the mastermind and was sentenced to death, while Binh was sentenced to 15 years, and Khai was sentenced to six years.


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