Apple to delay iPadOS 16 launch until October, report suggests

Apple to DELAY the launch of iPadOS 16 until October while it works out bugs in its new Stage Manager multitasking feature, report suggests

  • Apple rumoured to be delaying the release of iPadOS 16 software by a month
  • This is due to setbacks with the new ‘Stage Manager’ multitasking tool
  • Beta-testing has revealed bugs and incompatibilities with most iPads
  • The iOS 16 iPhone software is slated to be launched in September as planned 

Apple will reportedly delay the launch of its updated iPad software, so that it can have more time to improve its new multitasking feature.

This means that iPadOS 16 will not come out until October – a month after the anticipated release of the new iPhone operating system, iOS 16.

Historically, the tech giant has released new operating systems for the iPhone and iPad at the same time in September.

However, according to Bloomberg, Apple is pushing back the launch date for iPadOS 16 as it is still working on the tablet’s new ‘Stage Manager’ feature.

Announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 (WWDC 2022), Stage Manager will allow users to easily flick between different applications and tasks.

Open windows will be shown on the left-hand side of the display in order of recency, allowing users to organise their desktop and have an overview of what is running. 

However, unnamed sources revealed that bugs became apparent during beta-testing, as well as a lack of compatibility with most iPads and complaints that its interface is ‘confusing’.

Apple is rumoured to be delaying the launch of new iPad operating system by a month after setbacks with the ‘Stage Manager’ feature, that will allow users to flick between open apps

This means that the iPadOS 16 will not be coming until October, a month after the release of the new iPhone operating system iOS16. Historically, the tech giant has released new operating systems for the iPhone and iPad at the same time in September


The latest Mac software, macOS Ventura, will also come with Stage Manager, but this has reportedly encountered fewer problems in development.

Like iPadOS 16, this Mac update is scheduled for October, but this is the normal time Apple releases desktop software.

The source also shared that the staggered release schedule of iPadOS 16 and iOS 16 will allow engineers to devote more time on the latter.

Unveiled at the WWDC 2022, the iPadOS 16 will have the Freeform app, which provides users with a shared canvas where they can collaborate with others. 

It will also finally have a Weather App installed, as well as updates for Live Text which copies and translates text shown in photos and videos. 

iPadOS 16 will also enable users to edit and unsend messages in the Messages app, and schedule emails in Mail.

Apple unveiled the new iPhone software iOS 16 in June at WWDC 2022, which features a redesigned lock screen as well as the ability to unsend messages. 

It includes ‘the biggest update ever’ to the lock screen, which makes it easier to change background photos and the colour and design of display fonts.

The tech juggernaut also announced Apple Pay Later, which splits payments into four instalments over six weeks without interest.

The next software update for the Apple Watch, WatchOS 9, was previewed during the event, which is still slated for release in September alongside iOS 16. 

WatchOS 9 will come with four new watch faces to choose from, and the Workout app will have Custom Workouts, Heart Rate Zones and Multisport mode for triathletes.

Those hoping to track their sleep will also benefit from the introduction of sleep stages in the Sleep experience on Apple Watch. 

One of the biggest updates is a new Medications experience, which helps users track their medications, vitamins and supplements and set up schedules and reminders. 

Apple Watch Series 8 will have a 5% bigger display and be able to track your body temperature to detect if you have a fever, leaks suggest 

Apple’s upcoming flagship smartwatch will have a 5 per cent bigger display and be able to track your body temperature to detect if you have a fever, leaks suggest. 

According to prolific Apple tipster Mark Gurman in Los Angeles, the firm will add body-temperature detection to its Series 8 model, expected to be released this autumn. 

Meanwhile, another leaker, Ross Young in Austin, Texas, claims the Series 8’s screen size will measure 1.99 inches diagonally.

This would make the Series 8 the biggest Apple Watch screen yet, although the biggest on the market overall is the Domiwear DM100, which has a whopping 2.86-inch screen. 

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Apple is expected to release a total of three smartwatches this autumn, including the Series 8, which is also rumoured to have a flat screen. Renders created by Arkansas-based leaker and YouTube host Jon Prosser show what the Series 8 screen could look like

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