World’s smelliest man hasn’t washed for 22 years but no one mocks him

An Indian man can claim to be the smelliest man in the world after boycotting baths for 22 years and amazingly nobody has that much of a problem with it.

Dharamdev Ram, 40, has lived in the Baikunthpur village of the Manjha, India for many generations and wasn’t always so dirty.

But one fateful day 22 years ago, he decided to take a stand against the evils of the world and began his protest.

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Ever since he has refused to bathe until crimes against women, land disputes, and the killing of innocent animals stop.

His remarkable resolve has never wavered even after the death of his son and wife, and more remarkably still he has not had any illnesses related to his pledge.

Speaking to local media, he said: “In 1975, I worked in a factory in Jagdal, Bengal, and got married in 1978 and was leading a normal life.

“But in 1987, I suddenly realized that land disputes, the killing of animals, and atrocities against women had started increasing.

“So, in search of an answer, I approached a ‘Guru’ who took me as his disciple and inspired me to follow the path of devotion.

“Since then, I headed on the path of devotion and started meditating for Lord Rama.”

Tragically, in 2003, Ram’s wife Maya Devi died however he refused to break.

And even when his son died on July 7 this year Dharamdev focused and has not washed his body.

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