‘Time traveller’ claims dead man will be return to share secrets of afterlife

A TikTok user who claims to be a 'time traveller' has claimed that humanity will find out the secrets of the afterlife by the end of this week.

The user known as '@timevoyaging', who has made many wild warnings about the distant future, has warned that a dead man will come back to life on August 5 in 2022, and will share what happened to him after death.

In the video, which has gained more than 2,300 likes, the user wrote: "ATTENTION. I am a real time traveller and in 1 week something BIG will happen.

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"On August 5, 2022, a man passes away for three days and will tell what happens after death. He has a heart condition which surgeons need three days to fix, and the heart has to be removed for that long.

"His body is placed in crypfreeze, and will need time to recover. What he says is truly amazing."

The supported 'time traveller' left their followers hanging, leaving many of them desperate to know what happens.

One user wrote: "Can’t wait tell me now."

Another added: "I don’t want to be him."

A third said: "This has me curious bc I have a heart problem and it would take that long to fix and I’ve had many dreams about different stuff."

However, not all users were so convinced as they prompted questions to the TikToker in an attempt to uncover the rouse.

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One user asked: "If ur real time traveler give us all the winning mega millions numbers. Lmao!! Be a team player!!"

Another wrote: "Is their religion in the future?"

The news comes after the same TikTok user gained more than 1,150 likes on the post where they claimed that the parallel world, called Azawa, is home to another human race.

However, he warns that they are hostile and have been silently causing disasters in our reality since as far back as 9/11 – which just adds to the huge list of conspiracy theories that already surround the incident.


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