Scientists warn that smartphones are covered in poo and Covid – clean yours now

All that hand-washing and mask-wearing may have been for nothing, as it turns out our smartphones are absolutely filthy.

Scientists estimate that every phone has 25,127 bacteria per square inch, meaning a 6.7 inch iPhone could have as much as 160,000 tiny organisms living on it.

Studies have shown that 68% of smartphones are contaminated with germs, bacteria, and fungi which could come from anywhere—especially if you use your phone in the loo.

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That's why some researchers have described smartphones as a 'Trojan horse' for spreading diseases during the pandemic.

In fact, scientists at the University of Arizona discovered that your phone is ten times dirtier than most toilet seats.

Emily Martin, a professor at University of Michigan, said: "Because people are always carrying their [smart phones] even in situations where they would normally wash their hands before doing anything, cell phones do tend to get pretty gross."

Fortunately, many of the germs on phones won't make you sick, but that doesn't mean there's no risk of spreading disease.

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How to clean your phone

Cleaning your phone the wrong way can seriously damage your device, as any liquid or chemicals could damage the phone's coating or even short-circuit the electrics.

Bleach, hand sanitiser, and peroxide are out of the question, as is vinegar and window cleaner.

If you do want to clean your phone, the best thing to use are 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes or a slightly damp soft cloth dabbed in soapy water.

To find out more, read our full Daily Star guide to cleaning all the gunk off of your smartphone.


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